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 Even if
you’ve posted your bike here before, no one will mind seeing it again. Chances are
you’ve made some changes since your last post. All Electra Bikes are considered and will
be selected randomly each month.

So let's kick off this month by featuring one of newer members who finds himself very
active throughout the bicycle forum community. Recently celebrated his first year with EBF
this past March! Please welcome
outsider13 and his pair of custom Electra's the
Hollywood and Revil.  Featuring parts from all types, era's, new, vintage, BMX, muscle and
even road bikes!  Awesome Builds and Bikes to say the least!  Look up
give'em a shout and lets take a moment to check out his awesome pair of Electra's
linked Here!   outsider13
Think of our bikes as vehicles for discovery. If you let them, they will transport you to places
beyond your average spin down the road. Even if your mission is nothing more than riding
to a friend's house or stopping by the corner cafe to grab a latte, Electra bicycles fill the
experience with memorable moments that really define you because we design our bikes
as extensions of your imagination, style and sense of adventure. With excellence,
expression, innovation and progression as our driving forces, Electra bikes speak to your
individuality and quest for quality, while their smooth, efficient ride allows you to kick back,
relax and enjoy the free flow of a lazy afternoon along the bike path, a free-parking evening
pedaling around downtown or an energizing commute to the office. Whether you ride for
fitness, fun, convenience, conservation or recreation, the Electra experience is offered in
an assortment of flavors to suit your style. Try a Ticino, Townie, Cruiser, or Amsterdam on
for size, and experience the Electra Way to Roll.

The Electra Way to Roll campaign is a movement that celebrates individuals around the
globe who are taking action to make the world a better place through environmental
conservation, social aid, education and artistic expression.
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